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                              • Telangana

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                                                            Stone to be laid for a suspension foot bridge at the Lakaram tank on Tuesday. A visitor enjoying a sky cycling ride at Lakaram tank bund in Khammam on Monday.   | Photo Credit: G N RAO

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                                                                          The Lakaram tank in this fort town is set to get a 220-metre-long suspension foot bridge across the rejuvenated lake and a floating musical fountain abutting the 2.6 km long tank bund soon.

                                                                          The scenic spot is bound to find a prominent place on the tourism map of the State after the addition of the two new attractions.

                                                                            The suspension bridge will be built across the lake with a width of 1.5 metre at an estimated cost of ₹ 8 crore. It is designed by Girish Bharadwaj, popularly known as the “bridge man” of andhar bahar game, sources said.

                                                                          • It will be constructed under the aegis of the Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation Limited (TSTDC).

                                                                            The TSTDC has drawn up a plan to erect a floating musical fountain on the Lakaram lake at an estimated cost of ₹ 2 crore to enhance the ambience around the picturesque Lakaram tank bund.

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                                                                                  A street food zone comprising food stalls has been created on the Lakaram tank bund under the aegis of the Khammam Municipal Corporation (KMC) to allow the visitors savour snacks and other food items.

                                                                                  The facility is all set to be thrown open for visitors on Tuesday. It is expected to augment revenue and provide livelihood for street vendors.

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                                                                                  The Lakaram park site has already become a favourite spot for nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts. It has a host of recreational and sporting facilities such as sky cycling, boating and open gym.

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                                                                                          The recently opened dedicated walking track along the Lakaram mini-tank bund in the vicinity of the lake has become popular among morning walkers.

                                                                                            1. Tourism Minister V. Srinivas Goud is scheduled to lay the foundation stones for the suspension bridge, the musical fountain and the Haritha Budget Hotel in the town on January 12.

                                                                                                The TSTDC’s Haritha Hotel will be constructed at a cost of ₹ 10 crore at the bypass road here. It will have 20 rooms and facilities like a restaurant, banquet hall and parking space.

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                                                                                                Transport Minister P. Ajay Kumar, Khammam Collector R. V. Karnan, and several senior officials of the TSTDC, among others, will participate in a slew of tourism development programmes here on Tuesday.

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